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Does your dog love to get memorably mucky?

With HOWND Conditioning Shampoos, you can transform dirty dogs into divinely smelling pooches that look gorgeous and feel soft and wonderful.

From puppyhood to golden oldies, the HOWND range contains six conditioning shampoos specifically tailored for dogs of different ages and coat types. What’s more, the conditioning shampoos are alcohol-free, low lather, easy rinse formulas. They contain argan oil, oatmeal, wheat protein and aloe vera leaf juice to deliver an effective cleanse that conditions the coat and is kind to the skin.

Each bottle contains a luxurious blend of smelly goodness to pamper, primp and preen your dog back to gorgeousness.

Essence of fox poo, BE GONE!

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HOWND Playful Pup Conditioning Shampoo, HOWND Golden Oldies Conditioning Shampoo, HOWND Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo, HOWND Got An Itch? Conditioning Shampoo, HOWND Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo, HOWND Miracle White & Bright
Natural Colour Enhancing
Conditioning Shampoo


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