Beau’s Fancy Pants


One of our most popular ‘Formosa’ Oolongs, White Tip Oolong is also known as ‘Super Fancy’. This high-grade leaf is grown around 400m above sea level in the area of Pei Pu, Taiwan. Carefully selected and handpicked, this tea has a high percentage of white tips, that produces a slightly fruity aroma and a smooth, rich tasting peachy golden liquor that leaves a very pleasant after taste. This is definitely one to try if you haven’t yet.

Best Served: Use boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes (depending on taste).  I highly recommend you taste before choosing to add milk and sweetener.  It’s all a matter of taste.

Quantity: 75g

Contains Caffeine: 20-30mg

Ingredients: Luxury Oolong Tea.

Available: Loose



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