Leads & Training Aids

The Fuzz’n Pup Inn Dog Emporium is not here to make a quick buck. We would prefer that you only buy the products that you feel benefit your dog. All we ask is that you do your research and really think about the product and the physical and psychological implications to your dog, who will, after all, be the one wearing/using them. We hold dog welfare at the heart of our company and only stock products that are kind to your dog, and gentle on necks. We are proud to stock only top quality dog leads and training aids supplied by The Long Paws Company. Revered by The City Dog Expert online magazine, Long Paws produce all their products with the active pet in mind. The Comfort Collection range has been manufactured to the highest safety standards and combines quality and comfort in this new and unique package. The lead handles, collars and the underside of the harnesses are lined with soft, comfortable neoprene giving both you and your dog complete comfort. Added safety features include reflective collars and harnesses, and locking leash clips so you’ll never have to compromise style or safety. Please also check out our affiliate link for Dr. Peter Dobias and his blog on the effects of collars on delicate dog necks…(incidentally, all dog necks are delicate once you understand the anatomy 😉 )

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