Name: Beau Blue

Age: As young as he feels

Partner in Crime: Lara Lou

Beau Blue is the funniest and most loving soul. He’s a real ‘mummy’s boy’ and adores cuddles, all small animals (especially his bunny and previously his guinea pig. No, he didn’t eat the guinea pig, he died of natural causes), walks in the forest, time strolling along the beach, and playing with sticks. He also adores food from his own bowl or an unguarded rubbish sack that hasn’t yet made it out to the wheelie bin, it’s his guilty pleasure and he’s happy to be of service. Naturally, we do all we can to discourage this, but we don’t always get it right  and intercept before he gets there. ‘Wily’ is another word we use to describe him 🙂

Beau Blue came to us as company for Lara Lou in 2013.

As you can see, he has long hair in the colder months and a good haircut in the hotter months, he doesn’t cope well with the heat!

In the words of Peg from Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’…’He’s a tramp, but I love him, he’s a tramp, we adore him…’

He loves to talk and will let us know when it’s time to eat, walk and go to bed. He is a real cheeky chappie , loved by everyone who meets him (dog and human!).

Sadly Beau Blue crossed the rainbow bridge on 23rd July 2019. He suffered a severe reaction to a wasp sting and died very soon after. Despite all attempts to save him, there was nothing anyone could do. If there are any small mercies it is that he didn’t suffer. It happened very quickly. However, while he is not here in body (which makes us very sad), his spirit, heart and soul live on in everything we do.