Name: Lara Lou

Age: As young as she feels

Partner in Crime: Beau Blue

Lara-Lou is the queen of sass and the sweetest soul. She loves cuddles and food, in fact they are both so important to her she finds it a tough call to decide when both are on offer, but I suspect food has the edge.

Lara Lou came to us in 2012 after being rescued from a high kill shelter in her home country when she was just under a year old. As a result of this terrifying start and a rather crude spaying procedure prior to travel, she has a few psychological issues which we manage on a day to day basis.

Lara Lou enjoy’s walks, especially along the seafront. She enjoy’s the journey as much as her time at the beach. She takes up prime position on the back seat of the car and engages in nose art to pass the time on the drive there if the weathers a little cold. On hot days, Lara Lou has her head out of the window, tongue, and ears flapping in the breeze, enjoying the view. Lara Lou very much enjoys riding shotgun. However, we try to discourage this as she will consistently use her paws to try and pull my arm over to cuddle and stroke her whilst the car is moving. Not the best when you’re trying to change gear, engage indicators and change the c.d to Lara’s fav Eurovision song! 

While extremely loving and pleased to see everybody (especially children),  she is very easily scared, so handling is done with lots of tender loving care and reassurance.


Lara Lou is the loveliest and smiliest little lady. A real ray of sunshine that could light up even the saddest heart with her smile and kisses.