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Wanting to celebrate the lives and spirit of dogs’ everywhere was as natural and organic to me as growing flowers is to a gardener. However, it wasn’t easy getting started.

Torn between spending time with my own gorgeous rescues (who I hated leaving) and working for an employer, I decided to throw caution to the wind, take a leaf out of a dogs way of doing things and live in the moment. I wanted to do something completely different!

 Passionate and confident that this celebration of life and dogs would bring great value to others (puppins and humans)

‘The Fuzz’n Pup Inn Dog Emporium’

was born!

Here at the Fuzz’n Pup Inn Dog Emporium, we live to celebrate the vitality of dogs’, embrace the joyful character of dogs’ and basically just adore all things dog.

From pure breeds to scruffy streets, loveable pets to invaluable service dogs, the old and the young, the homed and homeless…those here with us and those rainbow travelled. All dogs deserve to be celebrated for the joy they bring to the world.

One puppin may not change the whole world, but for that special someone who shares their life with that puppin, their whole world is deeply impacted and enriched, and it’s a two-way street.

Now isn’t that worth celebrating?!

Our business gives you the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to your puppin (or a puppin that you’re fond of) in the best way possible. 

So, whether you live with a puppin or just adore them from afar, we want you to enjoy sharing our passion and hope you’ll agree that we stand for integrity,  value, and quality.

If you’re blessed to share your life with a puppin, we hope you’ll find some fabulous content, products, and services to inspire and enhance your lives, and give you both hours of fun.

Don’t forget to celebrate your puppin by emailing us a photo for our ‘Best Friend’ Gallery that shows off their character! We look forward to seeing your treasured friends!

So on behalf of Lara-Lou, Beau-Blue and me, Mia-Louise…

Welcome to the Fuzz’n Pup Inn Dog Emporium!

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